Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Wellcome films available

The following films have been added to Film & Sound Online this month and can be accessed, along with other Wellcome Film titles at:
http://www.filmandsound.ac.uk/collections/titlelist/wel.html or via the HYMS Library tab on the HYMS VLE.

An introduction to forensic psychiatry
Angiotensin and hypertension in pregnancy
Cancer research today: tumour diagnosis: biochemical and cytological methods
Cancer research today: chemical and viral carcinogenesis
Cancer research today: immunology and the host response
Cancer research today: invasion and metastasis
* Cancer research today: tumour diagnosis: physical methods
* Childhood malnutrition and mental development
* Disorders of language and reading and writing
* Disorders of the skeletal system: differential diagnosis of shoulder pain
* Fetoscopy and fetal blood sampling
* Geographic pathology
Hormonal mechanisms in breast cancer
Hormone and enzyme testing in pregnancy
Hormone replacement therapy
* Hypertension
Iatrogenic disease in haematology
* Involuntary movements
Mitochondrial respiration
Muscle contraction: Part 1, The contractile process.
Muscle contraction: Part 2, Activation of the contractile.
Muscle fatigue
Non-specific immunity
Nutritional anaemias
Pathogenic mechanisms in rheumatoid arthritis
Pharmacokinetics: Part 2, Intravenous dosing and the 2-compartment model
Renal excretion of nutrients in pregnancy
* Rickets
Some applications of radioimmunoassay
Subcellular fractionation: liver lysosomes and iron overload
* Talking about dying: a conversation with two patients
The basis of radioimmunoassay
The biology of the heart muscle
The crisis in western medicine
The dissolution of gallstones
* The mediterranean anaemias: thalassaemia

Note: films marked with an asterisk (*) are medically restricted: access may need to be requested. See the “Authorised user” information on the Hull link or click on the information ( i ) icon of the York link for further information.