Wednesday, February 6, 2013

UoY Library Flexible Loans Update

The University of York Library has responded to feedback and a series of updates have been made to the Flexible Loans system:

Library Flexible Loans Update
Since the introduction of Flexible Loans in October 2012 we have been actively seeking your feedback. We have received and responded to a range of individual enquiries and comments about the changes we have made and we are making some improvements.

We have increased the length of time you can keep an item when there is a queue of requests. Your feedback told us that one day was not sufficient, so we have increased this to two days. We realise that this may still seem too short, but we need to balance the needs of everyone in the queue who wants to use the item. We will monitor the effect of this change.

When there is a queue of requests for an item we are also taking a more pro-active approach to ordering an electronic version or extra copies. Wherever possible, we use our fast track purchase system to make the items available as quickly as possible.

Many people have told us they miss getting a courtesy reminder shortly before items need to be confirmed as still in their possession or returned. During February we will re-introduce the courtesy notice which will be sent to you just before an item that you have becomes due.

In response to popular demand we will be standardising loan periods for AV material in line with other ordinary loan items. This means that DVDs will, like books, be borrowable for a 4 week rolling loan period unless they are requested. Screening copies of DVDs will remain as reference and can be borrowed by screening assistants nominated by departments.

Christmas was our first vacation under the new model and on the whole things went well. We acknowledge that we did receive negative feedback from some of you, but we also received positive comments. The most common problem we found was that many students had missed the message that old style vacation borrowing, i.e. loans that last for the duration of the vacation, no longer exists, so we hope that future vacations will go more smoothly. To find out more about your thoughts on the vacation and our response please visit our FAQs page at

We’re still interested in your feedback on flexible loans - if you have any further comments, please email or come to the HYMS Flexible Loans consultation THIS Friday:

HYMS Flexible Loans Consultation
Friday 8th February at 12.15pm - 1.15pm
HYMS Conference Room (107)
University of York

Lunch will be provided. Please indicate your interest in attending this forum via the following Doodle poll. All attendees will be entered into a prize draw to win a £20 Amazon voucher.