Thursday, December 11, 2014

University of Hull network maintenance work: Sunday 14th December 9am-12pm

Essential maintenance; Internet disruption on 14 December
What/When?: Due to essential work to be undertaken by JANET engineers and assisted by ICT staff, the University of Hull’s internet connection will be ‘at risk’ from 09:00 until 12:00 on the morning of Sunday 14 December. There may also be a prolonged loss of connection of up to an hour between these times.

Why?: Following the serious outage on 7 October affecting the Yorkshire region, JANET have redesigned their network to improve resilience. This work will connect the University to this new, more robust network.

What does this mean for me?:
You may experience breaks in internet connectivity on the University of Hull campus during the period. This is unlikely to cause any serious issues unless you are entering text into external websites. As a precaution, we would advise against carrying out any commercial transactions during this period.
It is advisable anyway to create any lengthy text locally and then cut and paste this into web sites. This guards against normal disconnections that may occur on web sites and will also mitigate any effects of this disruption.

Who can I contact?:
For further information please contact the University of Hull ICT Service Desk by phone on 01482 46 2010 or by email