Friday, February 5, 2016

Using Your Senses?

You may think you are using your 5 senses but that puts you out by 15; we actually have 20. In the library we came across this sweet infographic from the I, and it got us thinking! Sure we have come across a couple of these before and we know them to be false but there’s some surprises in here too (we’ll definitely be having a few more coffees). 

Photo Credit Ryan McGuire
If you are thinking this is a bit of Friday fun, you would be right, but it also illustrates a really important point - when it comes to evidencing your essays or performing a professional literature search you need to use reliable sources, based on evidence, to get the best information available to you. Whether you are in a clinical setting or writing up a paper make sure you are using the resources available from the HYMS Library Guide. Be smart, use evidence based, peer reviewed literature. We didn’t evolve from chimps!