Friday, June 3, 2016

Protect your P@55W0rD!

Photo credit: Ryan McGuire, Gratisography
Maybe you're one of those people who makes a password so secure that it is immediately forgettable, maybe you devise passwords in memoriam of long dead  pets with a few !@*% thrown in for a little more security, or perhaps you do none of this? With our banking and other sensitive data predominantly managed online, not to mention, the constant hacking (or cracking?) of social media accounts, how are we supposed to stay safe online? Well, short of a complete rejection of modern life and living in a field somewhere, we thought you may like to take a look at this  interesting piece by Patrick Collinson. It gives some handy tips on creating and storing passwords. We’d advise you take all of this with a critical eye though; you only have to look at the comments to see what a contentious topic password security is! That said, there are some really basic steps in this article that can help to make your passwords more secure.