Wednesday, April 27, 2011

UoY Harry Fairhurst on YouTube

Get a tour of the new UoY Harry Fairhurst building from the YUSU just before its opening at:

Gross's Psychology now available as ebook

Psychology: the science of mind and behaviour by Richard Gross is now available as an ebook via the University of Hull Library - click on the title above for access. A Hull Athens account is needed to access the resource.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Wellcome films available

The following films have been added to Film & Sound Online this month and can be accessed, along with other Wellcome Film titles at: or via the HYMS Library tab on the HYMS VLE.

An introduction to forensic psychiatry
Angiotensin and hypertension in pregnancy
Cancer research today: tumour diagnosis: biochemical and cytological methods
Cancer research today: chemical and viral carcinogenesis
Cancer research today: immunology and the host response
Cancer research today: invasion and metastasis
* Cancer research today: tumour diagnosis: physical methods
* Childhood malnutrition and mental development
* Disorders of language and reading and writing
* Disorders of the skeletal system: differential diagnosis of shoulder pain
* Fetoscopy and fetal blood sampling
* Geographic pathology
Hormonal mechanisms in breast cancer
Hormone and enzyme testing in pregnancy
Hormone replacement therapy
* Hypertension
Iatrogenic disease in haematology
* Involuntary movements
Mitochondrial respiration
Muscle contraction: Part 1, The contractile process.
Muscle contraction: Part 2, Activation of the contractile.
Muscle fatigue
Non-specific immunity
Nutritional anaemias
Pathogenic mechanisms in rheumatoid arthritis
Pharmacokinetics: Part 2, Intravenous dosing and the 2-compartment model
Renal excretion of nutrients in pregnancy
* Rickets
Some applications of radioimmunoassay
Subcellular fractionation: liver lysosomes and iron overload
* Talking about dying: a conversation with two patients
The basis of radioimmunoassay
The biology of the heart muscle
The crisis in western medicine
The dissolution of gallstones
* The mediterranean anaemias: thalassaemia

Note: films marked with an asterisk (*) are medically restricted: access may need to be requested. See the “Authorised user” information on the Hull link or click on the information ( i ) icon of the York link for further information.

New study facilities open at York

The new Harry Fairhurst building opens today offering:

  • WiFi throughout

  • 500 new study spaces

  • A 55-seater PC classroom

  • Comfy couches and bean bags

  • Group study space

  • Collaborative areas with flexible furniture

Access is via the JB Morrell Library: get in quick and receive a free rubber duck.

Research Postgrad student facilities at the new Hary Fairhurst building, UoY

The new Harry Fairhurst building at York provides a specific Research Study & Lounge facility on the second floor for Research Postgrad Students. The Study & Lounge will be accessible via a keycard (available from Help & Information in the JB Morrell Library from the end of this week), allowing researchers a specialist area where they can work as well as an informal space to relax in.

As well as these specific facilites, Research Postgraduate Students will be able to make use of other facilities in the building, including:

  • Wi-Fi throughout

  • 55 seater IT classroom
Access to the new Harry Fairhurst Building is via the JB Morrell Library.