Friday, September 2, 2016

Swipe Out

From Monday 5 September, you'll need to use your University card to enter and leave the Library at York.
At the beginning of this year, York switched the Library turnstiles to card access for all staff, students, and visitors. This has enabled them to collect helpful information about use of the Library, including details about which departments use the Library most, when the Library is busiest, and how many non-University visitors they see.
In order to make best use of this information, they now want to find out how long people are spending in the Library. To this end, the Library exit gates have been replaced with turnstiles, and from Monday 5 September you'll need to swipe your University card to leave the Library, as well as on arrival.
If you do forget your Library card, please go to the Reception, and staff will issue you with a temporary pass.