Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kumar eBook issues resolved!

The problems with the eBook of Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine have now been resolved and:
  • table of content and
  • search facilities
are now available.

(Title available via our eBooks cross search feature available at

Requesting items currently on loan

All the copies of a book out on loan?

Remember you can place a request on an item and the library will send you an email as soon as a copy becomes available.

Requesting items for reservation at Hull and York:

•Search for the item you require

•Select the "request" icon from the top of the screen (Hull)/ right hand side of the screen (York)

•Type in your campus UserID and password (the same as you use to log onto the network).

•Click submit

•You will then be told if your request has been successful.

REMEMBER to check your university email accounts regularly for communication from the libraries about your loans, requests and other information.
You can set your emails to forward to your HYMS account, here's how:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Resolved: Ovid Medline via Hull

The issues with the external resolver for Ovid Medline at Hull should now be resolved. If you are still having difficulty accessing this function, please let us know at

Ovid Medline via Hull: Current issues 22 October 2012

We are experiencing issues with retrieving full text of articles via the Find it at Hull function in Ovid Medline at the moment. The University of Hull is investigating the issue and we will keep you updated on the situation. Access to database records appears to be unaffected but PDF full text access may be affected as well.

In the meantime you may wish to access Ovid Medline via the University of York, or if you note the details of the articles you are interested in, you can check whether electronic access is possible using the Find Journals by Title tab on the HYMS library webpages at

Friday, October 12, 2012

Forwarding emails to your HYMS email address

Did you know that you can forward emails from another account to your HYMS email address, or vice versa? This can make life easier for you, for example by receiving emails from the university libraries at your HYMS email address rather than needing to check your university account.
Instructions for forwarding emails are available here:

From a HYMS account to university accounts at
From a University of York account to a HYMS account at (or, if you're using Gmail, click on the cog, then Mail settings and then Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Then click on the "Add a forwarding address" button).

From a University of Hull account to a HYMS account at

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alternative interface to University of Hull library catalogue

The University of Hull have introduced an alternative interface to their library catalogue, which will sit alongside the current interface. The direct link is This interface is based on the Blacklight discovery platform developed by universities in the US specifically for academic library catalogues and design concepts used by Twitter, adapted for catalogue use.

University of Hull Library is keen to gather feedback on the new interface, so please try it out and let them know what you think.

Further information on the Blacklight interface, including details of features and tasks to be done, can be found via the FAQ on the site (see

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New & improved YorSearch catalogue at UoY

YorSearch (at the University of York) has recently been updated and the search options have changed so you can either search the Library Catalogue or Search Everything (this includes many of our subject specific databases and other e-resources and we are working to include White Rose Research Online and the Digital Library).

Check it out here:

Want a quick overview as to how it works? Watch the brief video about YorSearch on the Getting Started page of the induction subject guide:

Monday, October 1, 2012

UoY Flexible Loans Policy Launched

Today, the University of York has introduced a new borrowing policy in the library, most texts can now be borrowed for 4 weeks at a time, unless they are requested by another user.

Key points:
  • Borrowing periods are 4 weeks (for most items) unless requested by another user
  • If you request an item that it out of stock you should not have to wait as long for the item to be returned and made avaialble for you
  • No fines if you return a book late that no one else has requested
  • Fines on overdue requested items are charged at £2 per item per day - this is to encourage users to bring items back on time so that other users are not inconvenienced.
  • Length of loan adjust automatically depending on thr circumstances of the borrower (e.g. full time or part time) and depending on demand - items with a long waiting list are issued for less time to ensure evberyone gets chance to use it.

To find out more about Flexible Loans visit the website: