Tuesday, February 9, 2016

York and Hull Get The Director's Cut Treatment

The University of York Library has had the director's cut treatment. Take a look at this video showcasing some of the services and resources available to HYMS students to make your University life easier, more enriched, more successful and more fun. If you've taken advantage of all of these, start getting the most out of them now! Not to be outdone the Brynmor Jones Library gets some nice shots in Hull's NSS video too! For more information about services for HYMS students please visit the HYMS library pages

Monday, February 8, 2016

YorSearch Has A Facelift

The new look YorSearch is now live! We hope you like it - let us know what you think: using this feed back form
We’ve improved the design of YorSearch based on feedback. Take a look & tell us what you think: http://yorsearch.york.ac.uk/


Friday, February 5, 2016

Using Your Senses?

You may think you are using your 5 senses but that puts you out by 15; we actually have 20. In the library we came across this sweet infographic from the I, and it got us thinking! Sure we have come across a couple of these before and we know them to be false but there’s some surprises in here too (we’ll definitely be having a few more coffees). 

Photo Credit Ryan McGuire gratisography.com
If you are thinking this is a bit of Friday fun, you would be right, but it also illustrates a really important point - when it comes to evidencing your essays or performing a professional literature search you need to use reliable sources, based on evidence, to get the best information available to you. Whether you are in a clinical setting or writing up a paper make sure you are using the resources available from the HYMS Library Guide. Be smart, use evidence based, peer reviewed literature. We didn’t evolve from chimps!