Thursday, April 3, 2014

Brynmor Jones Library Redevelopment Update

What’s going on?

·         Work is continuing on the atrium, staircase and lifts which you can see in new photographs which have been added to the image gallery.  The concrete for the path leading to the new south entrance has been cast.  This whole area is due to be handed over in early May.

·         Demolition work on the ground floor where the new gallery and exhibition space will be located is continuing.  The existing floor has been removed in preparation for laying the new floor next week.This area is expected to be handed over mid June.

·         There has been a short delay to the completion of the 2nd floor of the tower.  This area should now be handed over the week beginning 14 April. This floor contains the new postgraduate research lounge, the law books, PC desks and soft seating as well as an information point.

·         The postgraduate research lounge is intended for the exclusive use of research students, and door access will be controlled.  It contains some 70 study spaces, mostly formal desks, 24 of which have fixed PCs.  All spaces have individual power sockets and access to the wireless network.  There are also dedicated printing, photocopying and scanning facilities, large pigeon holes for temporary storage of belongings, and a notice board for student use.  As in all parts of the building above the ground floor, cold bottled drinks only are permitted in this area.

When’s it happening?

·          The 2nd floor is due to open in the middle of April