Friday, April 4, 2014

Consolidate your search histories on Ovid

Embase will no longer be available via Ovid at Hull from July 2014. If you have any saved
searches you should consider saving and/or moving them to another platform. Here’s a quick
step by step to move from Hull to York Ovid:
2. (From the Hull catalogue page select Medline > Institutional Login > UK Access > University of Hull and enter your Hull network account details)
3. Log into My Account
4. Go to My workspace > My Searches and Alerts
5. Select the Display option (eye icon) for the search you wish to copy
6. Copy the displayed search to Word or Notepad
7. Delete the line numbers from each line
8. Log out of Hull Ovid
10. Login using your York Account details
11. Each database in Ovid has a different “Database Short code”. Get the one for the database you wish to save to (see link on page for list) and enter the code on the form
12. Ignore the Username and Password fields
13. Enter the Personal Login details for your York personal account in the format:
username|password (with NO spaces)
14. Copy the search history into the form and submit the query. The search will now run
and can be save to the new personal account.
15. Check and save your search
 For a visual representation of this process, see the following presentation