Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Art Gallery Collection on the Virtual Bookshelf

Calling all art connoisseurs!

In January cataloguing was completed on the York Art Gallery Gift Collection -  3,500 items donated to the Library by the York Museums Trust. Following on from this, the project team and Digital York have now launched the Virtual Bookshelf, which features many items from the collection - click on something that takes your interest, and you go straight to the catalogue entry, to find out where you can see it in real life. You can explore the Virtual Bookshelf at:

The Virtual Bookshelf will add further collections over the coming months and you can read blog posts by Library staff about interesting and unique items in the collection on the Liberating Information blog: York City Art Gallery blog posts.

We're also looking forward to the opening of the art gallery at the Brynmor Jones Library in Hull. Paintings are being hung at the moment.