Thursday, January 29, 2009

Free Resource on Genetics from Nature Publishing: Scitable

Click on the title above to view a new, free Nature resource for undergraduates on science subjects. The current focus is on genetics.

More details from Nature email:

What Is Scitable?

Scitable is a free online resource for undergraduate educators and students. It’s built on a foundation of evidence-based, faculty-reviewed scientific overviews of key concepts compiled by the trusted editorial staff of NPG.The first Scitable module is devoted to the study of genetics. Topics of investigation include: chromosomes and cytogenetics, evolutionary genetics, gene expression and regulation, genes and disease, gene inheritance and transmission, genetics and society, genomics, nucleic acid structure and function, population genetics and much more.
Content is linked to cutting edge research published by other NPG publications, giving undergraduate students access to real-world scientific inquiry and experimentation.

How Does It Work?

Faculty can host a free and easy-to-maintain online research site for their genetics students, including shared articles from Scitable’s library and group discussion capabilities. Faculty can visit and follow the four-step wizard to set up a classroom space in less than five minutes, or just browse all available topics at and explore on their own.


Students can use Scitable as a daily resource for their term papers, exam prep, and lecture follow-up. It provides hundreds of authoritative, faculty-reviewed articles designed to help students understand the what, why, who, and how of genetics. Students can visit and browse the library, or use the search field at the top of each page.