Monday, September 27, 2010

JB Morrell Library, York refurbishment work

Refurbishment work at the JB Morrell Library, York is ongoing. We are currently going through the 'hump' of the work - but improvements should start appearing in the next few weeks. Outlined below is a summary of the current situation:

The 2nd floor is now open and work is now ongoing on the 3rd floor. The lift,however, is currently out of use as is the main stairway. Access to the first and second floor is therefore via stairs located passed the main stair, beside the audio visual room/old pc classroom. (If unsure ask a member of staff.) It is hoped that both the lift and the main stair will be back in use in October.

Medical books are still located in the same area on the first floor: from the temporary stairs you should see the Reference Collection labelled straight ahead - the Medical Collection (Y) is located through the doorway to the left of this.

A new PC classroom will be opening imminently on the second floor with most of the Library PCs in transit. In the meantime there is some PC availability on the ground floor.

The Library is taking over the adjacent Computing Science building, which should be open c. Easter 2011. The full Library refurbishment is due in the academic year 2011/12. You can stay up to date with the refurbishment at