Friday, July 22, 2011

Temporary closure of Foss 24 hour facility (Hull)

On 7th July the central PC room in Foss, with 50 computers, will be closed between 25th – 29th July, when all the computers in the facility will be upgraded, moved into new slim-line cases and mounted under the desks in order to free up more desk space for student use.

This means that during the week 25th – 29th July the whole of the Foss 24 hour facility will be unavailable. Unfortunately, a combination of the use of external contractors, noise, dust and the general nature of the upgrade and refurbishment makes this short closure unavoidable. The Larkin 24 Hour facility will remain in operation however and has 24 PCs available for use. The entrance to the Larkin 24 Hour facility can be found opposite the main entrance to the Ferens building, just off the short path that runs between Larkin and the Graduate School. (In between buildings 25 and 32 in square E3 of the University campus map)

If you would like more information on this temporary closure to the Foss 24 Hour facility please contact the Service Desk via email to or via a phone call to 01482 46 2010.

The Information and Communications Technology Department would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this reduction in the number of computers available in our 24 hour rooms may cause and will endeavour to bring Foss back into use as soon as the refurbishment work is complete.