Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UoY Library refurbishment completed!

The University of York Library buildings have now been fully refurbished, bringing to an end a three year project. A few internal projects are ongoing to upgrade facilities for Library users:

  • The new book return terminals are scheduled to come into operation on Monday 19th March, linked to an automated book sorter to ensure that items are returned to the upper floors more quickly.
  • During the Easter vacation, the Key Texts collection will be moved into the glass-walled room next to the Lending Services desk. Two self-service machines, two library catalogue terminals and at least one photocopier will be provided.
  • Furniture for the Morrell Lounge (opposite the Lending Services desk) will be installed soon.
  • During the Summer vacation, the Music and Audiovisual collections will be moved from the JB Morrell Library into dedicated space on the ground floor of the Harry Fairhurst building, along with equipment for viewing and listening.

We hope you enjoy using the facilities and study space inside your refurbished Library buildings!