Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oodles of new books at the NHS libraries!

Loads of new books have been purchased at the NHS site libraries at Scarborough, York, Hull, Grimsby and Scunthorpe using additional funds from HYMS.

Additional funds have been concentrated on buying ebooks, where available, but in order to ensure that students at different sites can benefit we have given money to our NHS partners to purchase Phase II/III titles which are not available in ebook form.

Information about the hospital libraries, including catalogues, is available on the Membership tab on our HYMS Library webpages.

The list of books purchased across the NHS sites includes the following:

Author                      Title                                                                  

Baguley & Graham                Ballantyne's deafness

Barker, R                              Neuroanatomy and neuroscience at a glance

Bath, J                                  EMQs and MCQs for medical finals

Beers                                    Merck manual of geriatrics

Ben-Shlomo, Y                      Lecture notes: epidemiology, evidence based medicine and public health

Betts                                    Cardiology

Bird                                      OSCE Training Manual

Blundell, A                            OSCES at a glance

Burton, N                              Clinical skills for OSCES

Chowdhury, R                        Radiology at a glance

Clatworthy                             Nephrology

Colledge                                Davidson's principles and practice of medicine

Cruikshank                            Obstetrics

Dandy, D                               Essential orthopaedics and trauma

Dasgupta, P                           ABC of prostate cancer

Davey, P                                Medicine at a glance: core cases

Davies, A                               The respiratory system

Dawson,                                ABC of urology

Dent, J                                   A practical guide for medical teachers

Dowson                                 Migraine and other headaches

Fillit et al                                Brocklehurst's textbook of geriatric medicine

Goebel                                   The management of the dizzy patient

Graham                                  Ballantyne's deafness

Graham et al                          Child psychiatry: developmental approach

Graham-Brown                       Lecture notes on dermatology

Heffner, L                               The reproductive system at a glance
Henry                                    Clinical Surgery

Hinson, J                                The endocrine system

Hunt, I                                   ABC of pleural diseases

Jafek                                      ENT Secrets

Johnstone et al                        Companion to psychiatric studies

Kanski                                   Clinical Ophthalmology: a synopsis

Keshav                                  Gastroenterology

Khaw                                    ABC of eyes

Lissauer, T                             Illustrated textbook of paediatrics

MacLeod                               Neurology

McKenzie                              Infectious Disease

Michael-Titus, A                    The nervous system

Morris-Jones, R                    100 cases in dermatology

Moulton, C                            Lecture notes: emergency medicine

Nash                                     Hepatology

Nicholl, C                              Lecture notes: elderly care medicine

Noble, A                               The cardiovascular system

Norwitz, E                             Obstetrics and Gynaecology at a glance

Nutbeam, T                           ABC of prehospital emergency medicine

Olesen                                   The Headaches

Patel, K                                 Complete self assessment for medical and surgical finals

Patel, K                                 Complete OSCE skills for medical and surgical finals

Patel, K                                 Complete revision notes for medical and surgical finals

Petrie, A                                Medical statistics at a glance

Puri                                       Textbook of Psychiatry

Rang, H.P et al                      Pharmacology

Ropper                                  Adams and Victor's principles of neurology

Roseveare                             Acute Medicine

Rowland                                Merrit's neurology

Rudolf                                   Pediatrics and Child Health

Shaw                                     Radiology 

Smith, M                                The digestive system

Snashall, D                             ABC of occupational and environmental medicine

Stahl, S                                  Stahl's essential psychopharmacology

Stevens and Rodin                  Psychiatry: an illustrated colour text

Tortora, G                              Principles of anatomy and physiology

Ward                                      The respiratory system at a glance

Westbrook, C                         MRI at a glance

Wilson                                    Practical ophthalmology: a manual for beginning residents

Wright, B                               100 cases in psychiatry

Yanoff                                    Ophthalmology

Young, A                                ABC of colorectal cancer

Youngs                                   ENT Focus