Friday, October 16, 2015

BMJ Best Practice app

BMJ Best Practice (available via your University of Hull login) is a decision-support tool designed for use at the point of care. There's fully referenced information on thousands of diagnoses and diagnostic tests, links to drug formularies, over 4,000 treatment guidelines, and hundreds of plain-language patient information leaflets. See our previous post on BMJ Best Practice for more information on getting set up with it.

There's also a BMJ Best Practice app which you can download and use. It's a bit tricky to set up, so here are a few instructions we've pulled together:
  1. Download the app, but don't log in yet
  2. Open the web-browser on your device and go to
  3. From the Sign In menu, go to the Shibboleth users go here option
  4. Choose UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research (UK)
  5. Select University of Hull (Shibboleth) and enter your Hull login details if prompted
  6. Once signed in, "Subscription provided by University of Hull" should appear at the top of the homepage (web view) or the bottom of the homepage (mobile view)
  7. Click the My BMJ Best Practice button and create an account or log in
  8. Once logged in, via this method, open the app and enter your BMJ login details (leave the institutional number field blank)
  9. Once at the subscriptions page, a message should appear saying that you have institutional access via Hull (this message may take a few moments to come up)
You should then have access via the app to all the content you can get online through our subscription.