Friday, December 2, 2011

UoY Library: New location of self-service terminals and temporary route to Key Texts


Self-service terminals
Now that the hoardings around the bottom of the main staircase in the JB Morrell Library have been removed, we can provide dedicated space in this area for self-service terminals for borrowing and returning books. The terminals formerly provided on the first floor and adjacent to the main entrance have been relocated.

Temporary route to Key Texts
Library users heading for the Key Texts collection, the Raymond Burton Library or the Borthwick Institute for Archives will notice that the route through the hoardings is now slightly different. Follow the signs into the glass-fronted room next to the helpdesk (this room will become a permanent new home for Key Texts in due course), and out through the rear into the RBL lobby. Go through the turnstile on your right into Key Texts, or up the stairs to the RBL and Borthwick.