Thursday, December 1, 2011

UoY staff: University card takes over from the library card 5 Dec 2011

On 5th December the  [UoY] Library will be switching over to using the new staff University cards for library borrowing.

Staff with library card and a new University card:

From 5th December your old library card will no longer work and you should use your new University card to borrow books.

This change will happen automatically and your library record and current loans will not be affected. Please note that the new University cards also now link to York Print Plus accounts for photocopying and printing.

If you have not yet received your new staff card please visit the Information Centre on Market Square. Further information about University cards is available at:

Staff not currently registered with the Library:

Library membership is available to all staff and your new style staff University card is automatically registered as your library card.

Please do take the opportunity to come and visit us and look at the facilities and resources we have on offer. If you have not yet received your new style staff card please visit the Information Centre on Market Square.

Associate Staff:

Associate staff will not automatically be issued with a new style University card. Old style library cards will continue to work for all associate staff and there is no automatic update taking place.

If you are an associate member of staff and have a new style University card please come to the Library Help desk and we will activate it.

Due to the complexity of associate registrations we are advising that individuals should visit the Help desk in the library for personalised information about what to do. The Library Help desk is open 9am-9.45pm Monday to Friday and 10-6 on Saturday and Sunday.

If you have any questions about this please see a member of staff at the Help Desk or contact Jackie Knowles, Customer Services Manager via email