Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Linking to full text from Google Scholar

Did you know that you can set your preferences in Google Scholar to link to the full text of articles, where available, at Hull and York? It's really easy to do; just follow these simple instructions:

1. At click on the 'Settings' link in the top right corner, then on 'Library Links' from the list on the left.

2. In the Library Links section, enter either 'Hull' or 'University of York' in the box and click on Find Library. A number of responses may be returned. The correct one for Hull use is 'University of Hull - Find@Hull', and for York: 'University of York (UK) - Full text at York'.

3. Select the desired option and click 'Save'. This will return you to the search screen.

You can choose to display links to full text at both York and Hull, however, the display for multiple links are not always clear and so should be used with careful attention.

When you have carried out a Google Scholar search the links to full text appear down the right hand side of your search results. Remember that you will need a Hull Athens account or York e-account to access the full text of articles.