Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grimsby: additional book spend

The list of Grimsby texts purchased against HYMS SIFT underspend funds:

Author Title Edition/Year Copies
Barrett, KE Ganong's review of medical physiology 2012 1
British Medical Association Medical ethics today: the BMAs handbook of ethics and law 3rd ed, 2012  1
Dixon, M ABC of Breast Disease 4th ed, 2012  1
Edmonds, K Dewhurst's textbook of obstetrics and gynaecology 8th rev. ed 2012  1
Gawkrodger Dermatology: an illustrated colour text 5th, 2012  1
Geddes, J Psychiatry     4th ed, 2012  1
Gelder, M New Oxford textbook of psychiatry 2012 1
Gelder, M Shorter Oxford textbook of psychiatry 2012 1
Gillespie, Stephen Medical microbiology & infection at a glance 4th ed, 2012  1
Glynn, M Hutchison's clinical methods 23rd rev, 2012  2
Gosney, M Oxford desk reference : geriatric medicine 2012 1
Gross, R Psychology: the science of mind and behaviour 6th, 2010  1
Gwinnutt, C Lecture notes : clinical anaesthesia 4th rev. 2012  1
Hakim, A Oxford handbook of rheumatology 3rd ed, 2011  2
Holt, RIG Essential endocrinology and diabetes   1
Hughes-Jones, NC Haematology: lecture notes 2008 1
Katona, C Psychiatry at a glance 5th ed, 2012  2
Kumar, P Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine 8th ed, 2012  3
Miall, L Paediatrics at a glance 3rd ed, 2012  1
Monga, A Gynaecology by ten teachers 19th rev ed, 2011  1
Ramrakha, P Oxford handbook of cardiology 2nd rev. 2012  1
Rennie, J Rennie and Roberton's textbook of neonatology 5th ed, 2012  1
Semple, D Oxford handbook of psychiatry   3
Sharland, M Manual of childhood infections 3rd rev ed, 2011  1
Snowden Basic vision: an introduction to visual perception 2nd, 2012  1
Soar, J et al ABC of resuscitation 6th rev ed, 2012  1