Friday, September 13, 2013

Changes to UoY Eduroam settings

From 17 September, there will be changes to the way that you connect to eduroam at York to use wifi or network access points in (for example) the Library or Fairhurst. At the moment, you can connect using just your username (e.g. abc500) but from 17 September onwards, you'll need to use your username plus (e.g.

You will need to change the settings on any devices you use to connect to eduroam e.g. laptops, tablets, phones. You can make this change now and we advise you to use the automatic setup tool which will ensure that all settings are correct. To use this tool:

Connect to eduroam (existing users) or UoYSetup (new users)

In a few instances, the automatic setup will not work - if this is the case, please follow the instructions in the IT Services manual setup guides: