Friday, September 6, 2013

Brynmor Jones Library Redevelopment - University of Hull

What’s going on?

·         The new Reading Room on the 1st floor of the east building of the BJL is almost finished.  It should open in the next couple of weeks.


·         By the end of this weekend the move of the High Demand Collection (HDC) from its current location on the 1st floor of the tower to the new Reading Room will be completeDetails of book moves can be found on the redevelopment web site at


·         Remember that during book moves the Library will be offering a retrieval service for books in transit.  You can request material online via the Library web site , by phone or in person.  There will be regular retrievals during the day, and requested material should normally be available within two hours during the opening hours of the Library.


·         As previously reported, the refurbishment of floors 3 and 4 of the tower block is also nearing completion, and should be finished before the start of the new semester.  Collections will be re-located to these floors into their permanent locations on Monday.  Details of these moves can also be found on the redevelopment web site at

·         In preparation for the start of work on Floors 2, 5, 6 and 7 of the tower block, we books are also beginning to move from these floors.  Floor 7 has now been closed,   Details of these moves can again be found on the redevelopment web site at


·         The plan for the final location of all books in the redeveloped Library can be found at


·         On Tuesday 10th September the pathway alongside the south side of the Library leading from the west campus to the east campus will be closed.  This is for safety reasons while a crane lifts machinery onto the roof.  Alternative routes will be clearly signed.

·         There are many new photographs of the progress of the redevelopment work on the Library’s redevelopment flickr site – go to to view these