Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nailing Stats and Data

If you are in your final year undergraduate or a postgraduate student and you want to know more about statistical analysis or using data then you need to check out That Figures, a week long programme of useful workshops at York in the new year. Whether it's something specific like linear modelling or an overview of data sources at York from Monday 6 February there's a week of workshops to get you on the numbers! There's more information on how to book and what's on offer available from the training page for  That Figures.

Don't forget that HYMS students based at Hull can take advantage of this training too. If you don't fancy the trip don't worry the good people at Hull have loads of juicy stats training too, check out the Hull site to see what's currently on offer.

If that's not enough to whet your data appetite York have made Qualtrics even more useful by giving you access to the Qualtrics Offline App.If you already use the Qualtrics survey tool, you'll know that it makes it quick and easy for you to design your own surveys, whether for research or more general purpose surveys.

Now they have a licence allowing all members of the University to use the Qualtrics Offline App. It's available for both iOS and Android, and allows you to administer surveys on your mobile device even when you don't have internet access. The app lets you collect responses on your mobile device, and then upload them to Qualtrics when you're back online.
Find out how to install and use the app at:
Qualtrics Offline App

Learn more about Qualtrics at:
Qualtrics survey tool