Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Netflix and … SCRAN?

Photo credit Ryan McGuire; Gratisography
When we talk about literature we normally mean research papers, conference proceedings or clinical trials - the serious stuff. However, literature can also be an all encompassing term for a variety of media to aid learning and teaching. So if there’s an image or even a video clip that you would like to use to enhance lectures or presentations you may be interested to know that you can use content on Netflix to this end so long as:

  1. You have a personal subscription
  2. You aren’t charging an entry fee
  3. You aren’t linking or uploading a copy to the VLE
  4. It definitely is for learning or teaching  (no socials I'm afraid)

SCRAN is a new resource (you’ll need your York login details) that gives educational access to digital materials representing material culture and history via an archive of almost 500,000 images, videos and audio tracks sourced from museums, galleries, archives and media organisations. The materials in Scran can be accessed and used under the terms of an institutional licence. You can access SCRAN from the Images and Videos of this page.