Friday, March 31, 2017

MBBS Year 1 Revision List Available Now

Revision, revision, revision, oh actually that’s repetition, sorry. Well it’s coming up to exam time and deciding which resources to use to help you revise, can feel a bit repetitive, not in a Campbell’s soup-can arty way either, just plain, boring, dull, hell. Not that revision resources intrinsically hold those negative qualities, essentially, they are quite good, but, knowing what’s useful, or what resources you feel have real impact or value on your revision strategy is essential.

Thankfully you told us, many thanks to Lucy Adams, library rep extraordinaire, for compiling a list of all the resources you have found most useful. Being library bods and in the business of sharing we thought we’d make these available to you in the HYMS MBBS Year 1 area (you’ll need to login to Blackboard first, you can find the list on the left-hand menu).

If you want to take some time out from revising there’s always the city of culture on the doorstep too. The National Portrait Gallery are exhibiting Paul Smith to JK Rowling, sadly there’s no pop art in there though.