Friday, November 9, 2012

University of Hull: BJL Redevelopment - Creation of the High Demand Collection

What’s going on?
· One of the key features of the redeveloped Library will be the High Demand Collection (HDC) which will be housed in the new Reading Room on the first floor of the south wing. More information about this can be found on the library redevelopment web pages at
· This will be one of the first areas created in the redevelopment programme and in order to ensure that the HDC is available to users from Easter 2013, the University of Hull library services will start to build the collection on the first floor of the tower block now.
· Library staff are currently inserting RFID tags in the high demand stock – you may have noticed some books with blue and white labels which say HDC. As this material is tagged it will be brought together in what is currently the room where Education and Reference material are shelved. This will include material currently shelved on the 7th Floor.
· Education material will be relocated to the 5th floor on the west side at the back of the floor and Reference will be relocated to the 7th floor on the east side at the front of the floor.
· Notices and signs will be put in place and the Library catalogue will be updated to reflect the changes. Library staff will be pleased to assist users to find what they want.
· Follow the redevelopment news on twitter @HullUni_Library or using the hash tag #bjlredevelopment

When’s it happening?

· A removal company will start the Education and Reference moves on Tuesday 13 November. It is expected to take approximately four days.
· Library staff will move the items which have already been RFID tagged into the first floor temporary HDC space and will continue to tag the remaining items.
Who’s affected?
All staff and students, and external visitors using BJL material.