Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brynmor Jones Library Redevelopment latest news

What’s going on?

·    Architecturally-exact visualisations showing precisely how some key features of the redeveloped building will look have been published on the BJL web site.  If you have not seen these already go to:

·    Building work is progressing rapidly.  In the basement the foundations for the new atrium lifts shafts are being constructed and hoardings are being erected on the floors of the tower in preparation for the installation of the new service risers

·    The book decant area on the ground floor of the east building, where books will be kept during the redevelopment of the tower, is nearing completion.  The removal of the books from the third and fourth floors will begin on 25th March.  At that point the third floor will no longer be accessible.  The fourth floor will close on 8th April.  During the relocation of the stock, you will be able to request material at any service point in the BJL and it will be available within 24 hours.  The book decant area is expected to be publicly accessible from 22nd April

·    Try to take out on loan any books you might want from the third and fourth floors before they close in order to avoid inconvenience during the removal stage

When’s it happening?
·    The third floor will close on 25th March and the fourth floor on 8th April

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