Thursday, June 20, 2013

BJL Redevelopment update

What’s going on?

·         In preparation for the opening of the new Reading Room in September, the short loan stock has been merged in with the high demand collection on the first floor of the tower.  The items from short loan remain on 24-hour loan. The library catalogue has been updated to reflect the changes.  Any queries please email

·         The Reading Room and the third and fourth floors will be fully operational by the start of semester in September and the rest of the first and second floors of the east building are expected to be handed over before Christmas

·         As soon as dates have been confirmed a schedule of book moves relating to the Reading Room and third and fourth floors will be issued.  At the same time the sequence of moves from floors five, six and seven will be confirmed

·         The location of books in the redeveloped Library can be found on the Redevelopment web site at

When’s it happening?

·         Short loan stock is now shelved on the first floor of the tower in the high demand collection

·         The new Reading Room and floors three and four will open in early September

·         A book move schedule will be issued within the next few weeks