Wednesday, April 1, 2015

BMJ Best Practice now available

BMJ Best Practice is now available via your University of Hull login. 

It's a decision-support tool designed for use at the point of care. Structured around the patient consultation, it aims to present the required information just as it's needed. 

There's fully referenced information on thousands of diagnoses and diagnostic tests, links to drug formularies, over 4,000 treatment guidelines, and hundreds of plain-language patient information leaflets.

To get started, follow the link to BMJ Best Practice. Once there, click Sign in and choose Shibboleth users go here. Select UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research (UK) and then choose University of Hull as the organisation you would like to sign in with. Enter your University of Hull login details if prompted. You should then have full access to the resource (and "Subscription provided by University of Hull" should appear at the top of the page).

You can access further personalisation features, such as bookmarking, annotation and alerts, by creating a My BMJ Best Practice account.