Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hull Needs Your Help

The University of Hull Library need your help! They are currently looking at improving their website. If you have used the library website at Hull and thought it could be improved, well, speak now or forever hold your peace! It took us about 8 minutes to complete at: bit.ly/2iQEFd3. Go on, be part of the solution!

We know surveys aren’t that fun (according to most people we surveyed in the office this morning) so we thought we’d point out something a little more interesting too. BBC Radio 4 recently broadcast two episodes looking at the NHS; the first looks at how the NHS is responding to increased demand and decreased resources - the second, explores recruitment in the NHS and the role that overseas trained professionals play in the NHS. Both episodes are very pertinent and well worth a listen. They are available from BBC iplayer or you can download the BBC radio app, if you are so inclined.