Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Web Page for HYMS Researchers

HYMS Research PageWe know that the research landscape can seem like an over complicated place. As if just doing the research and writing up isn’t hard enough, there’s: RDM, OA, ORCID, REF and no doubt a whole host more acronyms out there, and they are important! But getting your head around what they all mean, what’s best for your publication, or just getting to grips with how an ORCID can help you, or how to make your research REF-ready is not always easy. We also appreciate that our parent institutions use different pieces of kit to help manage the scholarly communication process, does PURE or Hydra mean anything to you? With all that in mind, and from some of our conversations with you, we thought we would set up a page that contains key guidance on the entire research process, linking out to relevant training, guidance, or contacts from either York or Hull as relevant. We hope you find this page useful, let us know if you love it, or would like to suggest how we can improve it by emailing library@hyms.ac.uk.  

In the meantime best of luck with your research!