Friday, December 13, 2013

University of Hull Brynmor Jones Library Redevelopment - Latest news

What’s going on?

·         As in previous years, the Library will open until 2am throughout the examination period from Monday January 6 to Thursday January 23 2014

·         On the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday after the new year (January 2,3,4 & 5) the Library will close at 7pm to enable particularly noisy work to be completed as quickly as possible during the evening and night

·         From now until the end of January, we realise that there will be less space in the Library, and not quite as many PCs.  So extra space has been reserved exclusively for student use during the exam period

·         Your extra exam study space is as follows:

6 – 13 January Cohen Building Room 107 (56 PCs)
13 – 31 January Esk Building Computer Room (80 PCs)
6 – 31 January Staff House Conference Room 3 (54 study spaces)         Opening Hours 9am – 6pm
13 – 24 January University House Meeting Room 4
Opening Hours 9am – 10pm

·          Users of the Library should note that with the closure of the first and ground floors of the tower, no food or drinks other than cold bottled drinks will be allowed into the Library.  The ground floor of the tower, where this restriction will not apply, will re-open in April, along with the new 80-seat cafe  

When’s it happening?

·          Extended opening hours during the examination period are 6 – 23 January 2014


·          The Library will close at 7pm 2- 5 January 2014


Who’s affected?

All staff and students, and external visitors using BJL material.